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Wisdom teeth extraction surgeon in Florida

Our staff will do everything possible to ensure that your insurance claims are submitted in as timely a manner.

We ask that you bring both medical and dental insurance information with you as some procedures will be covered under dental plans while others may have coverage under medical plans.

Information from your insurance company regarding your fees is never a guarantee of payment. Therefore we recommend that prior to your initial visit you may want to both contact your insurance company or your human resources department and ask for information regarding your plan.

Because of the variety of options that insurance companies offer today, it is impossible for us to determine exactly what procedures will be covered and to what extent. Regardless of your insurance coverage it is imperative that you understand that you have the ultimate financial responsibility for work that we perform on you (or your minor child).

With many of the plans that are offered today, pre-approval of services is required. This process may take between two and six weeks depending on the insurers specific procedures. We recommend that you check with your insurance provider prior to your initial consultation so that we can discuss all these matters and how they may affect the timing of your treatments.