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Who needs third molars extracted?


Wisdom teeth is another name given to third molars. They usually erupt at around 17 years old to 20 years old. Not every patient needs to have third molars extracted. However, there are many indications to do so.


When patients come in for a third molar evaluation, recommendations may vary depending on the case. However, most of the time there seems to be not enough space for them to erupt. When that is the case, there are certain problems patients will likely have in the future.

When patients come to my practice and I see they have impacted third molars I always give all the benefits vs. disadvantages to have them extracted.


For example, I've seen it many times where patients develop cysts around thirds molars. When patients are 16 to 18 years old I prefer to have them extracted at that age because most ofthe times they have not fully developed. Since one ofthe risks of the surgery is to develop permanent paresthesia (numbness of the lip) I much rather have them extracted at an age when the amount of swelling, pain or injury to nerve are the least.


Since most of the times the roots of the third molars are not fully developed the chances of"pushing" against the nerve during extraction are much lower.


In addition, young patients have mandibular bone that is significantly "softer" than older patients. When patient get to be around 30 years old, they have much more mature bone therefore making the surgery a bit more challenging for extractions.


According to the white paper on third molar a very thorough statement or indication for third molar extractions. A comparison study by Elfer 2004 of 5831 patients those with impacted third molars had a 30% greater chance of having periodontal defects.


Common Problems associated with impacted third molars pericoronitis (recurrent local infections) abscess, bleeding, caries to adjacent teeth, pain, swelling periodontal defects, and (bone defects) cyst formations.

The protocol in my office recommends that most patients with impacted thirds from ages between 16 to 25 years old have their wisdom teeth extracted. Those older than 25 are recommended depending on the particular scenario especially if they are symptomatic.


For further details and questions feel free to call our office and we will set you for an appointment and clear all your questions regarding third molars.